Articles and News for Nov17

  1. 10 Best LaTeX Editors For Linux

  2. 5 DevOps leadership priorities in 2018

  3. 5 approaches to learning Python

  4. 5 of the Best Gaming Mice For Linux

  5. 5 open source personal finance tools for Linux

  6. A Tale of Two Arches: ArchLabs and ArchMerge

  7. A Virtual Android

  8. Analyzing Song Lyrics

  9. Apache Kafka Reaches 1.0 Milestone for Open-Source Distributed Streaming Platform

  10. Appeals court keeps alive the never-ending Linux case, SCO v. IBM

  11. Arch Linux Ends Support for 32-Bit Systems

  12. Atom 1.22 Hackable Text Editor Introduces Performance and Usability Improvements

  13. Audacity 2.2 Open-Source Audio Editor Brings MIDI Playback, macOS Sierra Support

  14. Banana Backups

  15. Beginners guide : HugePages in Linux

  16. Best Lightweight Linux Distros

  17. Capital One Previews Fintech Tuned Container Platform

  18. CodeBlocks - A Free & Cross-Platform C, C++ and Fortran IDE

  19. Command line fun: Insult the user when typing wrong bash command

  20. Containers and Kubernetes: What's next?

  21. Containers are Linux - But What About Windows?

  22. Crafting your AI strategy: 3 tips

  23. Creating an Application-Based Terminal Session

  24. Cryptr - A Simple CLI Utility To Encrypt And Decrypt Files

  25. Datamation's "Leading Big Data Companies" Report

  26. DivvyCloud Platform for VMware Cloud on AWS

  27. Evaluating drones and emerging tech: One CIO's advice

  28. Facebook Open Sources Open/R, Its Distributed Network Software

  29. Fedora 27 GNOME: Quick Screenshot Tour

  30. Font licensing and use: What you need to know

  31. Four Hidden Costs and Risks of Sudo Can Lead to Cybersecurity Risks and Compliance Problems on Unix and Linux Servers

  32. Francisco Partners Acquires Comodo's SSL/TLS Certificate Authority Business

  33. GIMP, More Awesome Than I Remember

  34. GNOME 3.26.2 Released as Last Scheduled Maintenance Update

  35. GNOME Project Welcomes Canonical and Ubuntu to GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

  36. GNU Linux-Libre 4.14 Kernel Officially Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom

  37. Galit Shmueli et al.'s Data Mining for Business Analytics (Wiley)

  38. Get rid of WARNING! Your cache is running out of filedescriptors in Squid Proxy

  39. Google Patches KRACK WiFi Flaw in Android November Security Update

  40. Hacking Blockchain with Smart Contracts to Control a Botnet

  41. How DevOps eliminates development bottlenecks

  42. How OpenChain can transform the supply chain

  43. How To Comment Out Multiple Lines At Once In Vim Editor

  44. How To Create Custom Ubuntu Live CD Image

  45. How To Easily Recall Forgotten Linux Commands

  46. How To Fully Update And Upgrade Offline Debian-based Systems

  47. How To Setup Japanese Language Environment In Arch Linux

  48. How To Use Spell Check Feature In Vim Text Editor

  49. How To Use YUM History Command To Rollback An Updates In RHEL/CentOS Systems

  50. How to Configure Custom Access and Error Log Formats in Nginx

  51. How to Create Your Own NAS Storage with Openmdediavault

  52. How to Hide Nginx Server Version in Linux

  53. How to Install Fedora 27 Alongside With Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot

  54. How to Install Firefox Quantum in Ubuntu Right Now

  55. How to Install Icinga 2 Monitoring Tool on Debian 9.2

  56. How to Install Nagios 4.3.x Monitoring Tool on Debian 9

  57. How to Install Nagios 4 in Ubuntu and Debian

  58. How to Install Varnish Cache with Apache on CentOS 7

  59. How to Install VisualEditor for MediaWiki on CentOS 7

  60. How to Install WordPress on CentOS with Centmin Mod

  61. How to Play Hearthstone on Ubuntu Linux

  62. How to Run Shell Scripts with Sudo Command in Linux

  63. How to Set Up Private DNS Servers with BIND on Ubuntu 16.04

  64. How to Setup Zammad Ticketing System on Ubuntu 16.04

  65. How to change timezone in Linux server (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu)

  66. How to configure login banners in Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora)

  67. How to create a Hydrogen drumkit for fun and profit

  68. How to create better documentation with a kanban board

  69. How to get involved with open source if you're a cat

  70. How to improve ROI on automation: 4 tips

  71. How to run Windows apps on your Chromebook

  72. How to use special permissions: the setuid, setgid and sticky bits

  73. How-to guide for troubleshooting RPC: Port mapper failure error

  74. Image Processing on Linux

  75. Improve your bash/sh shell script with ShellCheck lint script analysis tool

  76. InfluxData

  77. Install Nginx, MariaDB and PHP (FEMP stack) on FreeBSD 11

  78. Install WebMail Lite PHP based Webmail Client on Debian 9.1

  79. Juniper Integrates AppFormix into Contrail Cloud for OpenStack

  80. KDE Frameworks 5.40 Software Stack Brings OpenSSL 1.1 Support, over 80 Changes

  81. KDevelop 5.2 Open-Source IDE Released with Improved C++, PHP and Python Support

  82. Kali Linux 2017.3 Ethical Hacking OS Brings InSpy, Sublist3r, and SMB3.0 Support

  83. Kubernetes by the numbers: 10 compelling stats

  84. LVFS makes Linux firmware updates easier

  85. Learn how to replicate SELinux Policies among machines

  86. Learning Data Science

  87. Linux 4.14 Release Provides Long Term Support and Larger Memory Limits

  88. Linux 4.14 rc8

  89. Linux Containers vs Virtual Machines

  90. Linux Journal November 2017

  91. Linux Kernel 3.10 Reached End of Life, Users Are Urged to Move to Linux 4.4 LTS

  92. Linux Kernel 4.14 Now Ready for Mass Deployment as First Point Release Debuts

  93. Linux Media Server with Kodi

  94. Linux marketshare on Steam dropped again in October, as China takes a massive chunk of the market

  95. Live Stream Your Pets with Linux and YouTube!

  96. Lotfi ben Othmane, Martin Gilje Jaatun and Edgar Weippl's Empirical Research for Software Security (CRC Press)

  97. Lucidor - A Lightweight & Cross-Platform Ebook Reader

  98. MINIX — The most popular OS in the world, thanks to Intel

  99. MINIX's creator would have liked to know Intel was using it

  100. MKVToolNix 18.0.0 Open-Source MKV Manipulation App Adds Performance Improvements

  101. Meet Gladys, a Raspberry Pi-Powered Intelligent, Open-Source Home Assistant

  102. Microsoft: Sheltering Oneself From Patent Litigation While Passing Patents for Trolls to Attack GNU/Linux

  103. Modular, rugged, fanless mini-PC runs Linux Mint on Apollo Lake

  104. NETGEAR 48-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Switch (GS750E)

  105. NetworkManager 1.10 Promises Basic Open vSwitch Support, Bluetooth NAP and WPS

  106. NeuVector 1.3 Boosts Container Security with Improved Threat Detection

  107. Neuranet's Flexitive

  108. New Hope for Digital Identity

  109. No KDEing! Linux Mint is Killing its KDE Edition

  110. OnionShare - A Tool To Share Any Size Of Files Securely And Anonymously

  111. OpenStack Continues to Grow Both Public and Private Cloud Deployments

  112. Open Source or Open Standards? (Yes!) The Future has Arrived

  113. Open education: How students save money by creating open textbooks

  114. PSSC Labs' PowerServe HPC Servers and PowerWulf HPC Clusters

  115. Perfect Fluxbox Desktop on Kali Linux

  116. PoE, PoE+ and Passive POE

  117. Portable, open source retro game player runs Linux and Arduino

  118. Quad9 Secure DNS Service Embeds IBM Security Intelligence

  119. Raspberry Slideshow 10 Operating System Released for Raspberry Pi Computers

  120. Record and Share Terminal Session with Showterm

  121. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Operating System Is Now Available for ARM Servers

  122. SUSE Software-Defined Storage Leverages Open Source to Break Proprietary Lock-in and Reduce Cost

  123. Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - Games for the Brain

  124. Slax Linux Distro Gets New Release After Two Years, Drops Slackware for Debian

  125. Slicing Scientific Data

  126. Split Screen is Coming to Google's Pixelbook Chromebook, Here's a Sneak Peek

  127. Synopsys Set to Acquire Black Duck Software for $565M

  128. Sysadmin 101: Patch Management

  129. Taisei A Classy, Frenetic Shootem Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project

  130. Tech Comics: Developer's Dictionary

  131. Tech Comics: "Geeks are Funny"

  132. Tech Comics: Great Results

  133. Testing the Waters: How to Perform Internal Phishing Campaigns

  134. The Definitive OpenStack Map

  135. The Wire

  136. The new long-term Linux kernel, Linux 4.14, has arrived

  137. These two vendors are most likely to bring Kubernetes containers to the enterprise

  138. Tracing memory leaks in the NFC Digital Protocol stack

  139. Ubuntu Desktops Compared

  140. Understanding Shared Libraries in Linux

  141. Update Tickets from the Command Line

  142. VMware Advances Its Photon OS Linux Operating System for Containers

  143. Vivaldi 1.13 Web Browser Officially Out with New Window Panel, Better Downloads

  144. What Is GREP and How Do You Use It?

  145. What's New in Q4OS 2.4 Scorpion

  146. Why Go is skyrocketing in popularity

  147. Why I love technical debt

  148. Wine 2.20 Improves Support for Witcher 3, Firewatch & The Solus Project on Linux

  149. WordPress 4.8.3 Fixes Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability

  150. Write - An Open Source Word Processor for Writing

  151. YakYak - A Cross-Platform Google Hangouts Desktop Client

  152. Zentera Systems, Inc.'s CoIP Security Enclave

  153. Zorin OS: From the Hobby Project of Two Teenagers to a Growing Startup

  154. adcli - Easy Way To Join RHEL/CentOS System To Active Directory Domain

  155. pfSense 2.3.5 Security Update Addresses WPA2 KRACK Issue, Improves WebGUI

  156. pfSense 2.4.2 Open-Source Firewall Patches OpenSSL, Improves Network Performance

  157. pfSense: Not Linux, Not Bad

  158. qBittorrent 4.0 Is a Massive Update of the Open-Source BitTorrent Client

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