Articles and News for Jun17

  1. 11 important log files in Linux

  2. 18 open source translation tools to localize your project

  3. 3 Easy Ways To Get A Summary Of Disk Usage (Directory & Folders Size) In Linux

  4. 3 mistakes to avoid when learning to code in Python

  5. 3 security tips for software developers

  6. 51 GPUs Tested, From The Radeon HD 2900XT To RX 580 & R9 Fury: Testing The 2017 Linux Driver Stack

  7. 5 great KDE apps to help you study

  8. 5 of the Best Image Editing Software For Linux

  9. 5 of the Best Journal Apps for Linux

  10. 5 totally incorrect ways to exit Vim

  11. 5 ways to check swap utilization in Linux server

  12. 9 resources to get started coding with JavaScript

  13. A introduction to creating documents in LaTeX

  14. A list of open source tools for college

  15. AdaCore's GNAT Pro, CodePeer, QGen and SPARK Pro

  16. Adding IoT Flare to a Hot Springs and Spa Business

  17. All About Tar Files And How To tar, untar Files In Linux Using Terminal

  18. Amp Up Your Multimedia Experience On Debian 9 Strech Linux

  19. An introduction to functional programming in JavaScript

  20. An introduction to parameter expansion in Bash

  21. An introduction to timekeeping in Linux VMs

  22. Android Candy: the Verbification of Video Chat

  23. Arc Menu - An Alternative App Launcher for GNOME Shell

  24. Automatic Slack Notifications

  25. Best Linux Distro: Linux Experts Rate Distros

  26. BitKey Unlocks Mysteries of the Bitcoin Universe

  27. BlueCat DNS Edge

  28. Boot Repair Tool - Repair The Most Boot Related Problems

  29. Brightness Controller - Take Complete Control of Your Monitor???s Brightness

  30. CPUTool - Limit and Control CPU Utilization of Any Process in Linux

  31. Canonical Wants to Add Hardware Accelerated Video Playback by Default to Ubuntu

  32. Chrome 59 Now Out As Stable For Linux

  33. Cisco Advances OpenStack and Container Networking Efforts

  34. CloudBees, Inc.'s CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

  35. Connect two AWS regions with StrongSwan

  36. CoreOS Fleet Fades Away in Favor of Kubernetes and Tectonic

  37. Crank Software's Storyboard Suite

  38. Create a new MySQL user and Grant Permissions to MySQL Database

  39. Creating Virtual Machines in KVM

  40. Cron Vs Anacron: How to Schedule Jobs Using Anacron on Linux

  41. Cumulus Weather App for Linux Desktop

  42. Debian 9 'Stretch' Offers Improved Security on Multiple Architectures

  43. Diskio Pi Wants to Be the Ultimate Open Source Tablet Powered by Raspberry Pi

  44. Docker Aims to Improve Linux Kernel Security with LinuxKit

  45. Epic way to connect to Linux server from Microsoft Excel.

  46. Firefox-Based Tor Browser 7.0 Officially Released for Anonymous Web Surfing

  47. Five Reasons to Love SAP HANA

  48. Flatpak Linux App Sandboxing Receives New Feature That Hardens Its Security

  49. Former Ubuntu Phone Insider Shares His Thoughts on Why the Project Failed

  50. Gabor Farkas' Practical GIS (Packt Publishing)

  51. Get started with machine learning using Python

  52. Getting Started With Nix Package Manager

  53. Gifine - Quickly Create An Animated GIF and Video In Ubuntu/Debian

  54. GitHub Improves Launching of Its Atom Editor from Windows Subsystem for Linux

  55. GitHub launches Open Source Friday

  56. Gmail Message Tray - Gmail Notifications in GNOME System Tray

  57. Gravit - A Free Adobe Illustrator Alternative for Linux

  58. Hortonworks Evolves Big Data at Hadoop Summit

  59. How Amazon's EC2 Container Service is Growing in the Public Cloud

  60. How To Check The Runlevel In Linux

  61. How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Stack on Debian 9 Stretch

  62. How To List Installed Packages Sorted By Installation Date In Linux

  63. How To Remove Installed Packages From A Specific Repository In CentOS, Fedora

  64. How To Use tar Command Through Network Over SSH Session

  65. How To kill An Inactive OR Idle SSH Sessions

  66. How open source is advancing the Semantic Web

  67. How to Configure OpenLDAP with 2 Hosts on Mirror Mode

  68. How to Determine and Fix Boot Issues in Linux

  69. How to Enable SSL and Remote Connections for MySQL on CentOS 7

  70. How to Install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux Mint 18 / CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

  71. How to Install ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

  72. How to Install Joomla 3.7.2 on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

  73. How to Install Restyaboard on CentOS 7

  74. How to Install SquirrelMail on CentOS 7

  75. How to Install and Configure GitLab on Ubuntu 16.04

  76. How to Install "stacer" Monitoring and Optimising Tool on Linux

  77. How to Run remote ssh command in Linux to Show result locally.

  78. How to Setup Linux Version of MS SQL Server on Docker Container

  79. How to Setup a VPN with OpenVPN on Debian 9 Stretch Linux

  80. How to attach and detach direct LUNs to Virtual Machines in oVirt Setup

  81. How to create a Docker swarm

  82. How to install a Debian 9 (Stretch) Minimal Server

  83. How to install tinc VPN on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 to secure traffic

  84. How to manage ACLs on Linux

  85. How to prevent unprivileged users from viewing dmesg command output on Linux

  86. How to protect Samba from the SambaCry exploit

  87. How to reset the permissions of the installed rpm packages on Linux

  88. How to run multiple commands in Linux Simultaneously

  89. How to turn a Raspberry Pi into an eBook server

  90. How to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch

  91. How to upgrade from Debian Linux 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch using command line over ssh based session

  92. How to upgrade your system BIOS using FreeDOS

  93. How to use Ansible to manage PostgreSQL

  94. How-to setup automated updates with DNF

  95. Improving Linux Security with DevSecOps

  96. Install Nginx with ngx_pagespeed on CentOS 7

  97. Install Packages From A Specific Repository In Linux

  98. Installing Fedora 26 Beta on a MacBook Air

  99. Integrate Git on Your Nautilus File Manager with This Extension

  100. Is IoT the Future of Linux?

  101. Is the Moon Waxing or Waning?

  102. Jetico's BestCrypt Container Encryption for Linux

  103. KDE Plasma 5.10.2 Desktop Environment Brings Many Plasma Discover Improvements

  104. KDE Plasma 5.10 Puts Folders on Linux Desktop, Improves Search

  105. Kodi-Based OpenELEC 8.0.4 Linux Media Center OS Released, Here Is What's New

  106. Komorebi - A Beautiful Wallpapers Manager with Parallax Effect for Linux

  107. LFCS File Manipulation

  108. LFCS OS in VirtualBox

  109. Latest Black Lab Enterprise Linux ISO Snapshot Adds YUM and RPM Support, More

  110. Limit CPU Usage of a Process in Linux with CPULimit Tool

  111. Linus Torvalds Explains How Linux Still Surprises and Motivates Him

  112. Linux 4.12 Ubuntu Benchmarks With AMD Ryzen, Intel Kabylake - 12 Systems

  113. Linux 4.12 rc7

  114. Linux Journal June 2017

  115. Linux Kernel Utilities (LKU) - A Set Of Shell Scripts To Compile, Install & Update Latest Kernel In Ubuntu/LinuxMint

  116. Linux Kernel Utilities - Scripts To Compile And Update Latest Linux Kernel For Debian And Derivatives

  117. Linux Kernels 4.11.4, 4.9.31, 4.4.71 & 3.18.56 Are Out Now with XFS Improvements

  118. Linux Lite

  119. Linux comm command tutorial for beginners

  120. Linux in Windows 10

  121. Listen to Me Cheaply

  122. Listen with Your Skull!

  123. Low Tech High Tech

  124. Lumina Desktop 1.3 Released with Own, Default Material Design Icon Themes

  125. Make Your Containers Transparent with Puppet's Lumogon

  126. Manage Log Messages Under Systemd Using Journalctl [Comprehensive Guide]

  127. Mastering ATA over Ethernet

  128. Mesa 17.1.2 Open-Source Graphics Stack Brings 70 Improvements to Linux Gamers

  129. Minecraft Server Configuration

  130. Mozilla Brings Virtual Reality to all Firefox Users

  131. Mutt An Open Source Text Based Email Client For Linux

  132. My Love Affair with Synology

  133. NVMe: Officially faster for emulated controllers

  134. Never Trust Yellow Fruit

  135. New Tails 3.0 Privacy-Focused Linux Based on Debian 9 Stretch

  136. Nixnote2 - A Clone of Evernote for Linux

  137. ONF/ON.Lab's ONOS Project

  138. OpenStack Cloud Evolves Beyond Its Python 2.6 Roots

  139. OpenStack Gets...Easier

  140. Open Source Comes of Age

  141. Orchestration with MCollective, Part II

  142. Parted Magic Disk Partitioning Live CD Updated with Linux 4.11.4, ZFS on Linux

  143. Pass - A Simple command-line Password Manager for Linux

  144. Play Space Invaders - An Old School Arcade Game on Linux Terminal

  145. Puppet's Cloud Discovery: Know What's Running in Your Cloud

  146. Pythonic Science in the Browser

  147. Quick Guide: How to install and configure ansible in Linux for Automation

  148. Quick Guide for Linux user access control list (ACL)

  149. Raspberry Pi enters thin client mainstream

  150. Red Hat Grows Linux Business as Telcos Adopt OpenStack

  151. Red Hat moves into remote offices with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  152. Restrict Access To Linux Servers Using TCP Wrappers

  153. Retro United Ltd.'s Write!

  154. Rockstor: A Solid Cloud Storage Solution for Small or Home Office

  155. Running a Debian armhf virtual machine on a arm64 server

  156. SQL Server on Linux

  157. SUSE CaaS Platform

  158. SUSE Expands Container Management and Deployment Capabilities

  159. Samba 4 with Active Directory on CentOS 7 rpm based installation with share support

  160. Simplifying Embedded and IoT Development Using Rebuild and Linux Containers

  161. Software Defined Networking (SDN) - Architecture and role of OpenFlow

  162. Stack Clash Vulnerability Exploits Linux Stack Guard

  163. Steam Is Now Available In Flatpak Form

  164. Step By Step Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) LAMP Server Setup

  165. SunTrust CIO's formula for speed relies on cloud, DevOps

  166. Teaching Your Computer

  167. The Current Phase of the Moon

  168. The Differences Between Multiverse, Universe, Restricted, and Main Repositories on Ubuntu

  169. The Family Dashboard

  170. The What, Why and Wow! Behind the CoreOS Container Linux

  171. The first 5 things to do when your Linux server keels over

  172. The top 7 Linux IoT projects

  173. Tilda - A Highly Configurable GTK Based Drop Down Terminal For Unix-like Systems

  174. Top 10 Text Editors for Linux Desktop

  175. UBports Launch First Stable Ubuntu Touch OTA Update for Supported Ubuntu Phones

  176. Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 ??? new kid on the block

  177. Ubuntu Kylin, a Linux Distribution with a Microsoft Windows Experience

  178. Ubuntu-driven TurtleBot gets a major rev with a Pi or Joule in the driver's seat

  179. United GNOME - A Unity 8-Inspired Theme for the GNOME Shell

  180. Using Kdump for examining Linux Kernel crashes

  181. Using Node.js with ScyllaDB

  182. Viewing Linux output in columns

  183. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III released for Linux with OpenGL & Vulkan, review & port report

  184. What is IT culture? Today's leaders need to know

  185. When not to use a JavaScript framework

  186. Why the Largest Companies in the World Count on Linux Servers

  187. Why the last thing open source needs is more corporate oversight

  188. Why you must patch the new Linux sudo security hole

  189. Why you should certify your open hardware

  190. Wibu-Systems CmASIC

  191. Wireshark, World's Popular Network Protocol Analyzer, Gets New Stable Release

  192. dtrx - The Universal Archive Extractor For Many Archive Types

  193. ioSafe Server 5

  194. macOS 10.12.5 vs. Ubuntu 17.04 vs. Clear Linux On A Mac Mini

  195. nginx: How To Block Exploits, SQL Injections, File Injections, Spam, User Agents, Etc.

  196. ssh-chat - Make Group/Private Chat with Other Linux Users Over SSH

  197. uCareSystem - All-In-One System Update And Maintenance Tool For Ubuntu/LinuxMint

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